Sometimes, even our best friends take advantage of our kindness! Below is a running list of doggies who, upon the opportunity to dine on a tasty orthodontic device, just couldn't help themselves. (By the way, we forgive them all!)            #sorryiateyourretainers #ilovedoggies

Presenting our DOGGIE WALL OF FAME!

(AKA "Sorry I ate your retainers")

“A dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than he loves himself.”
—Josh Billings

A short story:
Once upon a time, Victoria left her retainer hidden under her pillow. Not long after, Remi found it. 
The end!


This is Nala. 
Some say she devoured Sarah’s retainer simply because it was left on the nightstand. 
I say Nala used her super-doggie-eye-powers to hypnotize Sarah into leaving it out for her.....


Hello! My name is Miko. I recently had male "elective" surgery that I didn't elect 😬. 
-My personal observation: Nothing speeds recuperation time better than eating my friend Hailey's retainer!


Hello. My name is Piper, the Golden Doodle!
I completely devoured the retainer belonging to my best buddy, "T-bone" (also known as Timothy). 
Am I sorry? Maybe. 
Was it delicious? I'm gonna have to go with... YEP!!


Hello, Pepper! 
This cute pooch leaped ALL the way onto the kitchen table to dine and dash on Anjeanette's retainers. Should we forgive her for such "salty" behavior?


Happy Friday! Why does Zoe look happy? 
Because she's FULL!
-Full of Kristin's retainers!


Say "Ahoy" to Daisy, the Norris Lake doggie! 
At the lakehouse, Daisy made a snack of Tye's retainer. Realizing the awkwardness of the situation, she immediately apologized -and then ate a pair of designer sunglasses for dessert. 


This is Luna. It was not her fault, but destiny and gravity put Jessica's retainer in her grasp. The rest is history!
Show of hands: 1) Guilty, or 2) Victim of circumstance?!?


"My name is Bear and I will eat anything and everything (except my dog food), but I especially like retainers!"
(And yet, we can't help but ❤️ Bear!)


This is Millie, the Springer Spaniel. 
She loves retainers SO much, that she opened a door, entered Connor's room, went through his nightstand, opened his retainer case, and summarily devoured his retainers.
She is very sorry.
Do NOT give her your car keys. I'm thinking she can drive...


Say "Hello" to Oscar...
Hard to believe it, but THIS adorable face ate Evelyn's retainer! I say we forgive him. 
On what grounds? Cuteness.


We need your help to solve a mystery!

One of these two fine individuals recently ate Madison's retainer now that she's home from college. NEITHER seems willing to talk about it.
Based on your impression, do you think it was:
Rocky (on the left) or Murphy (on the right)?


Culprit #12 in our series of retainer-eating doggies has been revealed:
Meet Sophie, the shih tzu/pirate!


Today we recognize Chloe, the Bichon Frise, who really really really didn't plan to eat Myrna's retainer, but just couldn't help herself!


Roxie the Puggle is very contrite after dining on Erin's upper retainer. -She may be in time-out, but she wants all of you to have a great weekend!


Tonight, we salute "Jack" -the African Basenji/Jack Russell terrier, who has now consumed two sets of retainers. (He is cute doggie #10 in our series.)
Upon his last conquest, his owner Mary Beth says he licked his lips and said "Those were delicious!"


Check out Chloe, the Puggle! 
-Olivia spent the night at her friend's house, and guess what didn't make it back home?!? Her upper retainer! Chloe has a crrrrrrrr-azy retainer-eating look about her, don't you think?

chloe 1.jpg

Greetings from Bane! He's currently in time out -even though he may have set a speed record for retainer destruction (estimated 0.3 seconds from retainer hitting the floor to a confirmed kill). And yes, he's still smiling!


This is Chloe! Hard to believe, but that adorable face has already eaten two sets of retainers in the last year to make our list as cute puppy #7! 

chloe 2.jpg

Today, in our photo series of doggies v. retainers, we recognize "Luna", the Husky with an appetite for destruction (of retainers)!

luna 1.jpg

Presenting cute puppy culprit #5: Millie, a terrier mix.
She is obviously sorry that she ate both of your retainers, Bridgette!

millie 1.jpg

Alas! The doggie world has struck again!
Behold "Boomer" -Sharpei/Bulldog mix:
Guilty of eating the back half of one Invisalign aligner...


Presenting the latest entry in our photo series, documenting the ongoing struggle between doggies and yummy retainers:
Culprit #3: Kimber -the pit bull mix....


Today, the "Sorry I Ate Your Retainers" gallery of doggie perpetrators celebrates:
Toby, the Beabull! (Beagle/American Bull Terrier)
-Toby has the distinction of dining on not one, but two sets of Invisalign aligners....


Sadly, orthodontic retainers occasionally meet an early demise due to the curiosity of man's best friend. Introducing our new gallery titled:
"Sorry I ate your retainers"!
Culprit #1 Ben the German Shepard