Burke Orthodontics is currently a leading provider of Teen Invisalign in the world, and is part of a top-notch group of organizations designated as Premier Elite status with Invisalign. Premier Elite is the highest level of achievement, and less than 1% of all orthodontic organizations in the world have achieved this status. Our doctors educate other orthodontists and dentists all over the nation in Invisalign techniques, and are recognized as Invisalign experts by many in the industry.


Invisalign is the invisible way to straighten teeth without braces. Invisalign uses a series of clear, removable, custom-fitted Aligners to straighten teeth without metal wires or brackets. Invisalign has been proven effective in clinical research and in orthodontic practices worldwide.


Patients wear each set of Aligners for two weeks or less, removing the Aligners only to eat, drink, brush, and floss.

As patients replace each Aligner with the next in the series, their teeth move – little by little, week by week – until they have straightened to the final position the orthodontist has prescribed.

Patients visit their orthodontist every ten weeks or so, to ensure that treatment is progressing as planned, and to receive their next sets of aligners.

  • More than 230,000 adults and teens are in treatment with Invisalign.
  • More than 10 million unique Aligners have been manufactured to date.
  • The average treatment time is about one year.

Talk to our team at Burke Orthodontics to see if Invisalign is right for you.

why choose invisalign?

Dr. Burke believes that Invisalign has distinct advantages over traditional braces that are making it the superior option. He believes this for many reasons, including the following:

1) No impressions needed! -Our advanced scanning systems can acquire a digital model of your teeth in under five minutes, and and that's ALL we need to begin planning and fabrication of your aligners.

2) For the patient: No dietary restrictions! -You can remove the aligners and eat all of the things and more that braces make you avoid.

3) For your dentist: No limitations on oral hygiene access!  -You can remove the aligners and brush and floss with ease. No more burrito stuck in your braces.

4) For athletes: They act as a mouthguard! -For those sports such as basketball and soccer, it's tough to get people to tolerate a bulky mouthguard and perform at peak level. Since aligners are worn nearly full-time, they function as an ad hoc protection device. Tooth clencher? -Aligners also protect the teeth from grinding.

5) For everyone: No more "broken bracket" and "pokey wire" emergencies!  -We are a busy society with lots going on. Invisalign patients are typically free of surprise visits.  Are you a traveller or student out of state? Invisalign was made for tailoring visits around your itinerary.

6) Did we mention, NO impressions needed?!? -Worthy of a second mention...

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More and more adults are interested in improving their teeth. A beautiful smile is essential for confidence and self-esteem at work and in personal relationships. Invisalign is making orthodontics more attractive to adults, who often feel self-conscious about their appearance with traditional metal wires and brackets.

You can get Invisalign at any age!  Burke Orthodontics has clients in their 70s and 80s. It’s never too late to “achieve the smile of your dreams”.

Compared to braces, Invisalign offers greater convenience, comfort and esthetics.  They can be easily removed for brushing and flossing, eating foods that braces may prohibit, and for special events.

Interest in Invisalign is increasing all the time. Please ask our team about what Invisalign can do for you.



In order for orthodontic treatment to be effective, teens need to have a high degree of compliance, meaning they need to adhere to the recommended treatment for all of the time necessary. With traditional braces, compliance is not an issue, because the brackets are permanently adhered to the teeth. However, with Invisalign, compliance can be an area of concern for parents because the Aligners are fully removable. In order to be fully effective, Invisalign Aligners need to be worn 23 hours per day.

The mere idea of Invisalign Teen is often enough to stimulate compliance. Invisalign Teen is invisible, does not interfere with sports mouth guards or instrument reeds, and does not impair speech. Invisalign Teen also addresses natural eruption of permanent teeth, root-movement control, and minor cases of overbite/crossbite/underbite (specific conditions need to be assessed by your orthodontist). Teens are usually very motivated to wear Invisalign Teen because there is virtually no impact to their everyday lives. Teens appreciate the option to remove Invisalign Teen for milestone events, such as senior pictures, prom, and musical performances, although removal is certainly not necessary.

In what other ways does Invisalign Teen assure compliance? Invisalign Teen has its own built-in, compliance-tracking device. Invisalign Teen aligners have blue “wear dots” on the inside of the aligners. The blue dots are specially designed to wear down as the Aligner is used. Your orthodontist can tell how long the aligner has been worn by looking at how much of the blue dots are still there. This system ensures that teens are held accountable for wearing their Aligners, and keeps the treatment course on schedule.

Invisalign Teen is now typically worn for a shorter treatment time as traditional braces, depending on your situation.  Invisalign Teen is available only through authorized orthodontists such as Burke Orthodontics. We would be happy to answer your questions about Invisalign Teen.

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